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Bad Stunta – HD Movie Trailer

18 May


Remote Controlled Car…

2 Jul

There’s no need for anyone to have an antenna this damn tall. Don’t hit the brakes too hard, you may crack your windshield. Loser.

Sky Trizzy Pukes Out His Inner Lining And Stomach Walls…

8 May

During my visit on this planet, I’ve come across many strange Nawflings. Here is documentation of the one they call Sky Trizzy, of the HardHeads tribe, defecating from the esophigorial gland canal. Odd being he is.

HAHA. I Never Saw This Footage Until Now….

8 May

I kinda remember this guy here. All off to the side of me gettin his WAH-WAH-WAH goin’ for the camera. LMAO. I really dig it when people get into the spirit.It’s called goin’ NAWFY when properly executed.


Trapped In An Elevator… With Diarrhea!

26 Apr

At first, I thought this was gonna be funny. Then it became gross. Overall, I left feeling sad. Poor dude. He endured so many emotions and pretty much lost his mind. Nothing is funny about this video now.

This Is The Equivalent To FruityLoop Producers…

24 Apr

Everything is digitized now. Nobody ever takes the time to learn any real instruments anymore. People buy computer software and start thinking they’re musicians. This is what you look like….

Somebody Try This And Let Me Know How It Goes…

17 Apr