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Bad Stunta – HD Movie Trailer

18 May



11 Dec

Sorry for taking so long to update the site. I’ll be back on it again with new videos. Check this one out!

You Nominated Me… Now What? VOTE!!!

20 Jul

Still Walking Video…

3 May

Thanks to a certain website who was a little bit too antsy  (which will remain unnamed… THOSE FUCKERS), The video for Still Walking has to be premiered a day early. I can understand how someone would want to get an exclusive, “aint even came out yet”, jump on things… but come on man!

Anyways, I guess it works out better for those who’ve been waiting to check it out. So here it is… Still Walking


Welcome to

14 Apr

My name is Coast and I welcome y’all to my blog site. Here on I will do my best to entertain you all with my own brand of foolery. I will broadcast whatever the fuck I want but hopefully most of y’all will dig the shit I post. Aside from the random bullshit that you are sure to run across here, I will also post new music and exclusive video content. I intend to allow certain co-authors of my choice to post their own shiznit here too. This whole blogging crap is very new to me so please have patience and I will keep building the archive with really neat-o nonsense. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOR UPDATES ABOUT NEW POSTS HERE ON CASSETTECOAST.COM … twitter: @CassetteCoast



I Cant Complain Video

3 Apr